“To know Henry Nash is to understand the seriousness of the subject of integrity for him. As an Elder in a Christian Church, he is contemplative and deliberate in his interactions with others. He has developed a quotidian habit of allowing prayer and scripture reading to be guiding disciplines in his life. He seeks counsel, responds rather than reacts to situations around him, and he is always thoughtful as to how his actions affect others.” Bishop (Dr). R. Ray Gatewood 
“As I read this book Integrity Does Matter, it reminded me that we must live a life above reproach. Why? Because integrity is a part of character and it defines who we are. Integrity reminds us that whatever we face in life, we must practice self-discipline and open ourselves up to accountability. I thank the author for his insight”. Elder Phyllis A.S. Hatton
“My friend Henry is also my co-worker and mentor. His dedication to character and integrity isn’t just something he just talks about, he lives it and exudes it.” Rick Alton
“Henry Nash is a walking encyclopedia of biblical knowledge. He models the words of his book “Integrity Does Matter” – “Living A Life Above Reproach” and he continually sets the example for myself and others to follow.” Corey Cooks
“I would like to say that my dear brother Henry Nash’s book is incredible! I would like to add that not only is his book a great read and a great guide to integrity, but the author himself purposes to live a life of integrity. Ever since we met, he has done nothing but make a tremendous impact in my life.” 
Patrick Williams-King
“Mr. Nash’s emphasis on integrity shows us the path God has given us to take in the right direction. His spiritual leadership makes it joy to read. Great book and great understanding.” God Bless. Dan Dennull
“Henry Nash, a close and true friend in the gospel, is anointed and gifted to present spiritual truths that are timely and congruent with the Word of God. “Integrity Does Matter” is a transformative compendium of information that presents life changing realities of how to maintain godly deportment while living a life above reproach.” Elder Thomas Reaves
“It’s something about a man’s character that leads you to wanting to know that person. The day I met Henry A. Nash, he spoke with confidence and followed up with his actions in making things happen. Integrity has always been a part of him and always will be. Thank you for the example that you exemplify in the Word of God.” Minister James Whitmire
“Henry Nash wrote “Integrity Does Matter” to teach others that even the smallest act of integrity can make a big difference in a person’s life. I am committed to wearing this t-shirt that I have because it has inspired countless people to respond and answer in agreement to take action in their lives.”
Elder Verdane Ivory