Koinonia Wellness Group is a health and wellness group that was created and launched by Mr. Nash in August 2019. The word “Koinonia” in the original Greek language is derived from the terms “fellowship, communion, community, and relationship.” The purpose of this wellness group is to adopt a “wellness lifestyle” through the mission of “Wellness as a Way of Life” and “A Holistic Approach to Health.” Koinonia Wellness Group serves as a community of those who are like-minded and as a source of inspiration and motivation for those who want to commit to a healthier lifestyle through the means of fellowship and encouragement. He shares encouraging, inspiring photos and messages on his social media platforms. Those who are members of Koinonia Wellness Group also share their messages of encouragement and inspirations through various activities such as running, walking, cycling, and any other fitness related activities. He believes that the most important investment that anyone can make in their lives is in the area of their health and well-being. After making a more serious commitment to his own health in 2010, Mr. Nash began taking a more vested and holistic approach in his overall well-being. He conducts strength training at least three days a week and runs between 500 to 1,000 miles every year as a commitment to the development of his total person. The central message he purposes to convey to others is that “The Greatest Room in Your Life Is Room for Improvement Because It Allows You the Opportunity to Better Your Best.”  If you seek a desire to make a lifestyle change, you can follow him on his Facebook and Instagram pages under Koinonia Wellness Group.